2019-06-21 10:48:28 admin 11

Several new features will launch on the Apple Watch when the new operating system - watchOS 6 - arrives later this year, but a recent report suggests it isn't just the new App Store, Activity Trends or Cycle Tracking we should be excited about.

According to TechCrunch, sources have said Apple will allow Apple Watch users to remove more of the native Apple apps directly from the smartwatch when the new software arrives.

It's already possible to remove third party apps from the Apple Watch by pressing and holding the app and then tapping the "X" to remove it from your smartwatch. Alternatively, users can head into the Apple Watch app and into the respective third-party app they want to remove and toggle off the "Show on Apple Watch", or they can just remove the app from their iPhone and it will disappear from their Watch too.

It is not possible to delete apps like Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer, Remote, Camera Remote, ECG and others though, because they don't have an iOS partner app to remove.

TechCrunch reported that Apple has now given the previously unremovable apps their own App Store listing in preparation for the launch of watchOS 6 in a few months.

It means that male users will be able to delete Cycle Tracking for example, or those not interested in the Walkie-Talkie or ECG features can get rid of them by tapping the "X" as they do currently for a third party app. They will be in the Apple Watch App Store however, in case you change your mind and want to reinstall. 

Not all native Apple apps will be able to be removed - Heart Rate and Messages will stay put for example - but you will be able to declutter your Apple Watch a little at least, allowing users to just see the useful apps they want to see.

Apple is expected to release watchOS 6 around September, when it is likely the Apple Watch Series 5 will also be announced.